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Nye Chronicles brings the history of Nye County from it’s inception to the current condition of the county. In our opinion, the greatest invention was not the wheel, not science but that’s close, it is record keeping. We arrive in to this world lacking, for the most part, the knowledge of our ancestors. Record keeping fills in that space, maybe not in its entirety, but enough to help us progress to our destiny, individually or as a species.

Nye County, a sparsely settled state has a unique place in history and perhaps in the future of us.

We encourage anyone with an experience related to this County to submit content for publication in NYE CHRONICLES. It needs to be between 500 and 800 words. Topics can be a personal experience with government, the courts, history, mining, politics, corruption, exceptionalism, or such other topic that is accepted by the publisher. All submissions become the property of Nye Chronicles. We reserve the right to edit as necessary for clarity and to meet our space requirements in the publication.

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County Clerk

County Recorder

County Treasurer

County seat


District Attorney

Economic development


Law enforcement

Nuclear testing

Public works

Real Estate


Yucca Mountain

Personal stories and experiences are encouraged. Generic words such as staff, unidentified source, confidential source, etc. are declined. In all cases the actual names need to be included. After all, how can we give credit or blame if the persons are not identified.

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Nevada is going to STEAL PAHRUMP well owners water

Your electric rate is now 12.196¢ per hour

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